Ordinary Stories is the first release by Gravel Bend Music, the label of independent Australian acoustic singer/songwriter Rick Keam

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Ordinary Stories is available in traditional physical form as a CD, or by digital download from Bandcamp, in a wide range of format and quality combinations from MP3 right through to lossless WAV. Gravel Bend suggest that if you first opt for download, and you like what you hear, you consider also buying the CD. It includes a superbly designed full-colour 16-page booklet of lyrics and evocative photography, allowing you to revisit the leisurely pleasures of the pre-CD era, but without the disadvantage of maximum 22-minute sides. For full spiritual benefit, switch off mobile phone/cell phone and follow the recommended sequence: (1) Brew coffee; (2) Evict cat from couch; (3) Put on disc; (4) Occupy couch; (5) Experience whole 50-minute package of words, music and images


Ordinary Stories  

Hell Out Of Hackston (3.24)

Johnny And The Snipers (4.15)

Home From The War (5.09)

Two Shoes Rag (4.16)

High-Country Storm (4.14)

Saturday Town (4.20)

Ordinary Stories (4.23)

Yabby Blues (4.08)

Cricket In The Sticks (3.15)

Sloe Berry Wine (4.03)

Be With Me (3.15)

Oriole Hill (4.28)



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